Top sun safety tips:

  • Protect your skin with clothing, and remember to wear a hat that protects the face, neck and ears. A pair of UV protective sunglasses is also important.
  • Spend time in the shade or indoors between 11am and 3pm when it’s exceptionally hot and sunny. Avoid allowing your skin to redden or burn.
  • When choosing a sunscreen look for a high SPF (SPF 30 or more) to protect against UVB, and the UVA circle logo and 4 or 5 UVA stars. Apply ample sunscreen 15-30 minutes before heading out into the sunshine. Ensure you reapply sunscreen every two hours and especially after swimming and towel-drying.
  • Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight.
  • We recommend that you tell your doctor about any changes to a mole or patch of skin. If your GP is concerned about your skin, make sure you see a Consultant Dermatologist – experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancer. Your doctor can refer you through the NHS.
  • Sunscreens offer additional protection but it is essential that hats and clothing are also used as protection. No sunscreen will provide 100% protection.
  • Vitamin D supplement tablets (available from health food stores) may be necessary as strictly avoiding sunlight can reduce Vitamin D levels.
  • Avoid sun beds